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Are You Looking For A Choice Detached Home In Alexandria?

If you have questions about 6722 Williams Dr, or the real estate market in Alexandria, Virginia, contact Julie Nesbitt today. If you are shopping for a noteworthy choice detached home in Alexandria, your options might be limited right now. 6722 Williams Dr might be the best selection for you, but we have various more tips below. Continue reading "Are You Looking For A Choice Detached Home In Alexandria?"
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Stuart Nesbitt Can Sell Your Homes At Beddoo Heights

What has recently sold at Beddoo Heights?

What is your home in the Alexandria Area at Beddoo Heights actually worth? Stuart Nesbitt can help you find the market value of your residence in Fairfax County for free. When the time comes to sell your property at Beddoo Heights in 22306, it's smart to take into account what detached homes have sold at Beddoo Heights in 22306. That can give a seller a starting point for determining your mid 20th-century residence's value. Below, we're going to investigate specific homes available and detached homes that have recently sold. Photo of 6711 Beddoo St Email Stuart Nesbitt to get a free and more accurate assessment of your home's value. Stuart can also prepare a marketing plan to illustrate to you how he plans to get you the best price as quickly as possible.

Did you know that in at Beddoo Heights in 22306:

Continue reading "Stuart Nesbitt Can Sell Your Homes At Beddoo Heights"
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6913 Kenyon Dr, Alexandria VA 22307 Listed

One-of-a-kind $537,000 ※ Alexandria Virginia 22307

6913 Kenyon Dr is an interesting residence with a lot of potential. But it's not important to Monika Ortiz that you buy this detached home, or any particular entry-level home in 22307 in Alexandria. It's more important to Monika Ortiz that you do what's perfect for you. It's a smart idea to sort out your priorities. What do you absolutely need from your home? What would be nice if you could find it?

Can you afford $550,000?

Or is your budget closer to $499,000? If you can afford $537,000, should you pay $537,000? Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you. Maybe you should rent? Do you like to live in a community with a lot rentals? Do you prefer to live in a neighborhood with few rentals? Currently for rent at Bucknell Manor Is the cooling system important to you? Did you know that this community's most common cool systems are central a/c? Continue reading "6913 Kenyon Dr, Alexandria VA 22307 Listed"

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