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Virtual ‘Stay-at-Home’ Gala Of Virtual ‘Stay-at-Home’ Gala

Senior Services of Alexandria’s (SSA) Virtual “Stay-at-Home” Gala will be a festive celebration to honor community leaders Barbara Anderson, Esq., The Honorable William D. Euille, and C. Eugene Steuerle for their work, activism, and philanthropic efforts at its 2021 Virtual Annual Gala.

Kate Garvey

According to the Alexandria Gazette Packt, “A special honor will be given to Kate Garvey, Director of Alexandria’s Department of Community and Human Services, for her leadership in developing an effective response to the Covid-19 crisis through the coordination of local non-profit activities and the creation of innovative programs designed to help those most negatively impacted by the pandemic.”

Maribeth Bersani, Senior Services of Alexandria’s Board Chair said, “This year’s honorees – Barbara Anderson, Esq., The Honorable William D. Euille and C Eugene Steuerle are community leaders who have made our city a wonderful place in which to live at any age. We are also pleased to honor Kate Garvey for her outstanding leadership in responding to the pandemic. All of these honorees have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of all Alexandria’s residents including its older adults.”

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