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Bikeshare Expansion To Be Sped Up In Alexandria With 7 New Stations

Alexandrians living in the Virginia city’s West End can expect to see expanded Capital Bikeshare service years ahead of schedule. Starting in January or February 2021, the City of Alexandria will purchase and deploy seven previously-used stations to accelerate its planned bike-share expansion by between two and five years. According to, "The bike stations are said to be in good working condition despite their previous use, and will eventually be replaced with new equipment once grant funding is made available over the next few years. Precise locations and schedules for deployment are still being finalized, the city said in a news release and will need to be vetted by the bike-share operator." As per, "Proposed areas for the seven stations include:
  • Whiting Street and Lane Drive;
  • Taney Avenue and North Jordan Street;
  • North Hampton Drive at Ford Avenue;
  • Southern Towers;
  • Bradlee Shopping Center;
  • Virginia Theological Seminary;
  • Burke Library."

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