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What To Expect At The Bucknell Manor Park

Bucknell Manor Park is a neighborhood park located at 2223 Beacon Hill Road that offers a variety of recreation facilities for the Bucknell Manor residents. Bucknell Manor Park features multiple sports fields, a playground, a tot lot, basketball courts and picnic tables. The playground was recently renovated with modern play structures and features two play areas to appeal to children of different ages. The park is generally crowded on weekends as locals come for an afternoon barbecue, shoot some hoops, watch a baseball game, or bring their kids to play at the playground. There's also an open green space between the basketball court and football field where you can play a game of frisbee or catch or do some yoga.

Properties in Bucknell Manor

6810 Quander Rd
6810 Quander Rd $699,000  SOLD!
2107 Rollins Dr
2107 Rollins Dr $355,000  SOLD!
2243 Sweetbriar Dr
2243 Sweetbriar Dr $450,000  SOLD!
6723 Williams Dr
6723 Williams Dr $700,000  SOLD!
2227 Sweetbriar Dr
2227 Sweetbriar Dr $465,000  SOLD!
7026 Quander Rd
7026 Quander Rd $700,000  SOLD!
2206 Rollins Dr
2206 Rollins Dr $455,000  SOLD!
2261 Sweetbriar Dr
2261 Sweetbriar Dr $449,900  SOLD!

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