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Does Nesbitt Realty Offer A First-Time Home Buyer Rebate On A Mid-Market Residence ?

Are you planning to buy a small mid-market detached such as this detached at 6616 Beddoo St? Photo of 6616 Beddoo St You can count on a knowledgeable guru like me to help if you are looking at purchasing a property. When you're getting started, one of your greatest challenges will be your down-payment. That’s true whether you’re considering your first home like this enchanting detached at 6616 Beddoo St or any other home like this detached at 6616 Beddoo St. But Nesbitt Realty has a (partial) solution: I can benefit with your funds for your down-payment. What does that mean with regards to this residence? When you think about who you are going to use as an agent, please remember that if Nesbitt Realty is your Realtor when you acquire a home like this mid-market detached in Beddoo Heights at 6616 Beddoo St, then I will pay a rebate of $2,651 toward your funds for your down-payment. Naturally, details and restrictions apply. For example, this offer is void where prohibited.

We're proud to help purchasers in 22306 in Alexandria.

I am a personable ace on real estate like 6616 Beddoo St, and Nesbitt Realty works for a small locally-owned family-run business. Do you like working with small family-businesses? Then you’ll love working with a Nesbitt Realty agent. Also, Nesbitt Realty will pay a rebate of $2,651 toward your down-payment. Please contact Nesbitt Realty for learn more about the details. $519,500 |-| 4 BR |-| 2 BA |-| 0 HB |-| Alexandria, Virginia Our real estate agents are dedicated to excellence and are required to continue their education after licensing.
Julie Nesbitt
Julie Nesbitt

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